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Age Reversing Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr. Higgins in San Jose area

Cosmetic Dentistry is a kind of dentistry that enhances the position, shape, size alignment and color of teeth; however, all dentistry should include these goals. Dr. Higgins has spent his entire career studying the cosmetic principles and the way teeth fit together. His advanced training allows him to offer truly “Age Reversing Dentistry”. This is done by reestablishing an ideal bite and position of the teeth. When accomplished, all the facial muscles and tissues relax to a more ideal, younger looking appearance.

Who would benefit from Cosmetic Dentistry?

Anyone who is concerned with the color, position, size or shape of their teeth, or their smile could benefit from the many cosmetic procedures available today.

Age Reversing Dentistry:

The latest development in cosmetic dentistry is Age Reversing Dentistry. Dr. Higgins recently completed a 4-year course in Bioesthetic Rejuvination with Orignathic Bioesthetic International (OBI). The magic of this kind of treatment is that by treating the patient’s individual ideal, we see dramatic results. We first establish the ideal joint position, natural unworn genetic tooth form, carefully check tooth position and size, restoring what has been lost though wear and attrition over time. Once everything is in balance, the patient is no longer tense and bracing to avoid interferences. We see dramatic changes in all the facial tissues. The patient appears younger with fewer stress lines and a more relaxed youthful appearance. This procedure has also shown dramatic benefits in treating some airway and joint pain problems. This technique can be done with long-term porcelain restorations or at times with minimally evasive composite bonding. We welcome you to call for an individual consultation for your specific needs.


Teeth that are stained by tobacco, coffee, tea or even hereditary conditions can often be restored with today’s advanced bleaching techniques.


Stained, chipped or cracked teeth can often be bonded with today’s advanced composite materials often in as little as a single appointment.


More severely broken down teeth or teeth with large failing fillings can be restored with crowns. Crowns completely cover the tooth. The restorative materials available today are beautiful and strong for natural looking, long lasting restorations.


Front teeth can be reshaped, gaps closed and discolorations hidden by the use of a thin porcelain covering called a veneer. The strength and stain resistance allows for stable long lasting restorations.

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